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quotes and poems that describe me

My page about me

If you want to talk to me on-line my AOL name is Kasj2424, my yahoo pager name is K24SJ, or you can just e-mail me at ....... sorry it said at aol before, we just recently got our server changed and i forgot to change this ...... hope to hear from you!

Life is a mystery to be lived
not a problem to be solved.

Me and my life


I will fight no more forever
Never for what I believe in or what I feel
Never for the hearts that I steal
Never for the love once made
Never for the dreams once had
I will fight no more for the life I live
I will just live-not give nor take
I will fight no more for the things at stake
No more for friendships that brake
I will fight no more forever


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Hello, i'm a 17 year old female (obviously) from New York. I like all sorts of things. Hanging out with my friends, going out places, camping, singing, sports, movies, parties, anything really. I'm a senior in High School and i'm going to be attending Fairleigh Dickinson University in NJ starting September. If there's anything else anyone wants to know just ask i'll tell just about anything.

my friends and family

I have 1 real brother(Korri) and had a real sister (Nichole) but she's no longer here. My parents are no longer together. I have a stepmom (Grace) and 6 stepsisters and brothers (Melissa, Amanda, Jenny, Lynn, Chris, and Gerald). I also have 3 more (Heather, Keith, and Erin) from my mom's fiance (Jeff).
I have friends from here and all over.... hi guys! Jacob, Erica, Darcie, Paul, Lucas, Billy, Amber, Colleen, Kari, Justin, David, Joe, Joey, Amy, Lisa, Mo. =o) , Dave, Chris, Tom, etc. (if i didn't put your name i'm sorry! Tell me so I can please).


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All over my room there are memories...
matchbooks, seashells, movie studs, photos
each one preserving a day we spent together.
But last night you made the memories unimportant
because you gave me the ring that promises
the future.