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Shout Outs!


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Shout Outs to friends

Special Thanks

just wanted to say thank you to everyone thats been there and to everyone who hasn't.You've all helped me in one way or another.The ones who have been there you've helped me to see that people care and that things can get better.The ones that haven't, you've helped me to see who my real friends are.

Erica, I want to thank you for always being a friend. Even through the rough times you were there for me and you know i'll always be there for you. Don't hesitate to write to me or call or anything because i want to be able to do for you what you did for me ........ it meant alot ...... i love ya' ...... thank you.
Colleen, Buddy ole' pal thanks for always being around when i need someone. That means so much, I just hope i can return the favor as well as you gave it to me. Love ya' ........ thanks.
Jacob, Thank you for showing me new things in life and teaching me how to be my own person and to live the way i wanted. I really hope that things work out one way or another. No matter what happens you know you have my heart. Your a good friend, thank you for listening to me when I needed someone the most. The past year has been really tough and I don't think i'd be here if it weren't for your help. I love you. Thank you.
Dave, Thank you so much too for being there to talk. You have made such a difference in things that have been going on. You made me see how things were and helped me to accept things the way they are. I owe you so much and I'm more then glad to help any time you need me, you know that. Thank you so much.
Paul, I haven't really had you around lately to talk to and I really miss that. I always loved talking to you, you always understood. I hope we can get close like we were again that would mean allot to me to know that your there for me and that you care. Thank you.
Cody, I need to say thank you to you. Your the only person that listens to me. You understand everything I say to you and that means alot, I appreciate it more then you know.
Thank you so much.
I find myself saying sorry to everyone for everything I do and just talking to everyone here has helped me so much so thank you all. I hope that you all know if there is ever anything I can help you with i'll be here and i'll be more than happy to help. Thank you!

been awhile

Lucas, Joe, Joey, Lauren, Chris, Amber, Colleen, David, Dave, everyone I haven't talked to in a long time write to me already! GEEZE what are you waiting for?!

A word? An Emotion?
A word; tossed about like a wind blown
Said often without meaning.
An emotion, something thought about
often but not really felt.
Love- true, real, honest. A word with
An emotion with depth; a feeling
that can't be let out with a kiss
or a glance.
Love- uncaged, not in a moment,
but throughout time;
brought out by thoughtful gestures,
kind words,
and an understanding known
only to those who love.

I do not like the way you look at me
when i speak.
You act as though I talk and talk
and bore you all the week.
I was sorry ...
I am sorry ...
I will be sorry too.
I only hope you will love
the way that I love you!

In loving you
I've held back no reserve
and so I've nothing left
to give tomorrows lover
when you go.

joy, pain, fun, serious, calm,
confussion, crazy,
changing, letting go, searching
looking deep enough to see the person
flowing with happiness, ready to share it
feeling free and good
together and yourself
being the closest kind of friends
digging people for what they are
knowing this is just the beginning
a way of saying what you have
no words for yet.